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Storybook Series

Enter the world of Secret Shores’ Storybook Series – a bold, unprecedented project that lives at the intersection of music and storytelling, in which every song is accompanied by a chapter in a short story. Chapter One, “Embers,” matched by a track of the same name, opens as follows:

“Aerya sits perched atop a hill, alone, flooded with fond memories of a time before. She stares into the vast abyss before her: where there was once lush flora now lies a slowly burning ember of ashes which extends for as long as the eye can see. It’s eerily calm and she can see the sun starting to set, emitting a faint hue of red which covers the sky, matching the desolate landscape below…”

Read the rest of Chapter One, Volume One (Embers) here. Stream/download the track on Spotify, iTunes here: fanlink.to/laxcity-embers.

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