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Secret Shores is, at its core, a music imprint — in the broadest sense, we make and support art. (In particular, we’re an incorporated full-service artist management boutique, independent record label, and underground music blog.)

But it’s also more than that. Ultimately, for us, it’s about creating more than a simple music blog, label or agency; it’s about you and me and we; it’s about creating a true cultural movement — our movement. Among other things, we accomplish this through:

(1) Reviews on exciting new material from underground artists — so you can find amazing, undiscovered music;

(2) Exclusive interviews, live events, and releases — so you can truly immerse yourself in the music scene with content you won’t find anywhere else; and

(3) Informational content by and for music producers — so you can refine your skills, learn more about the business, and read about invaluable tips & tricks from the pros.

. . .

Our mission is simple: Dream. Create. Innovate. Settle for nothing. Push boundaries. Manifest positivity. Enable the world’s creative visionaries